How To Train A Mouse-Lessons Learned From Disney’s Corporate Training

How To Train A Mouse – Lessons Learned From Disney’s Corporate Training

As one of the most recognized names in professional development, the Disney Institute certainly encompasses a lot more than Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. Many organizations have invested large amounts of money and countless hours studying the ways of Disney’s corporate training; they have a lot to learn from. Which is why we’ve put together a few lessons of our own… inspired by Walt Disney himself!

Take a Front Row SeatCorporate Training Videos

Exceeding expectations rather than simply satisfying them is the cornerstone of the Disney approach to customer service. Likewise, Shamrock Communications aims to exceed all of our client’s expectations by helping businesses of all sizes capture (and hold) their employees attention with through professional corporate training videos. Service is manifested everywhere that your organization touches the customers from cable commercials and website video to employee educational and safety videos.

Pull Back the Curtain

Disney’s organizational values drive the strategies behind their whole operation, which in turn, drives Disney’s success. Walt Disney’s message of ‘keep the place clean, keep it friendly, and make it fun,’ is embraced by everyone in management. This kind of corporate commitment approach in training videos helps to ensure that every employee understands the necessary safety protocols, company values and brand voice.

Best Cast for Corporate Training VideosRecruit the Best Cast

Disney cast members aren’t just hired for a job; they play a role in the “show.” Likewise, every aspect of the casting process is a presentation of your business’ culture. The actors must reflect your organization’s voice and values, creating an emotional connection. Research suggests that organizations that have optimized this emotional connection have significantly outperformed competitors in sales growth and profitability. Even bare-bones and budget-challenged videos will get the job done as long as hearts and minds are captured.

Capture the Moment

Disney trains every cast member in the same way, no matter what job, and goes to great lengths to ensure that cast members understand the company’s heritage and purpose. The philosophies underlying the Disney’s corporate training approach can have an application to companies of any size. Consider the employee training processes you are using and the messages you are sending. Communication is a reflection of your culture, so ensure that your training video does the same.

Make Magic Happen

If employees truly feel valued in their jobs and understand what is expected of them, they will go above and beyond to deliver great service and produce results. Convey your message clearly with a stellar script to keep viewers engaged and add in a little fun to make some magic happen.

Bringing Corporate Training Videos to LifeBring Videos to Life With Shamrock Communications

Shamrock Communications is not your average video company, our team understands the creative process and utilizes the latest equipment and techniques to bring your story to life on any screen. We work with dynamic clients looking to expand their digital outreach through corporate training films and create a presentation that conveys your company culture and messaging.

For more information on our services, visit our services page and contact our team with any questions today.


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